He Has Already Been There!

Ephesians 4:9 and 10 says, “Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.” Basically what this means is that Jesus that came from heaven, descended first to earth, then to hell, then was resurrected and ascended into heaven (only God could do such a thing). Well what does that mean for us? It means that no matter how low we may have been, no matter how much we may have struggled, no matter how far away we may have felt from him. He has been to hell and back for us. What an awesome thing to think about. God in His perfect provision has already traveled the road before us and knows what we will encounter on this journey called the Christian life. He is not leading us anywhere he hasn’t already been. Yesterday I was at Starbucks fellowshipping with a brother and we began to talk about leadership. I commented to him that in order for someone to be a great leader they must first learn to lead themselves. It is difficult to lead someone to someplace you have never been. I gave him this analogy, I told him that if there were two groups of people that were going to climb Mt. Everest and you had never climbed Mt. Everest yourself and one leader of one group had already been up there multiple times and the other leader this would be his first time up. Who would you want to follow? The answer is obvious the leader that has proven he can make it up and back down again in one piece. He knows the terrain already, he knows where the toughest part of the climb will be, he knows when he will have to push his group and he knows his group will trust his decisions because he has already been there. Well we have a God that has been there, he knows the terrain and he knows when the path will be tough. I want you to understand that we chose the right leader. He is not taking us anywhere that he hasn’t already been himself. How awesome it is to know that I can trust God. Even when I cannot see the path clearly, even though the conditions may not be the best, even when I find myself on a ledge wondering how am I going to make it off, God will guide us through. The wise man in Proverbs said, “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” He literally orders my steps and ordains my path He is “…a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”. I praise God today for His mercy and for His steady hand, I can truly say He has not let me fall, He has not let me slip He has been faithful. Their have been dark moments in my life and their been places in my path that I did not seem to sure of my step but He never stopped leading me. Think about this in your darkest times and in your moments of greatest failure He was always there. Your failure, your struggle did not scare Him or discourage Him from loving you. He has already been there so He knows how to see you through. I say “Rejoice not against me O mine enemy for when I fall I shall arise when I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me”. He has already been there means He knows how to deliver us from every temptation, every struggle and every set back. Be encouraged today because God is for you, He is not against you. God Bless.


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