Washed Away

I was watching a documentary yesterday on Katrina. In the documentary they interview a couple that returns to visit their destroyed home for the first time. The couple said the only things they had time to take with them when they first left were all the pictures, they took nothing else. When they returned they began to look around to see what was left if anything to no one’s surprise their was’nt much. The wife said she had never seen her husband so depressed, she said he was more depressed than when he had returned from Vietnam. The maker of the documentary asked him why he was now so depressed? He said that of all the things he was hoping might still be around were some stuff he had brought back from Vietnam that reminded him of some of the friends he had served with and lost in the war. He went on to say that Katrina had washed it all away and that he promised himself never to let himself to get attached to anything like that again in his life. What a great lesson for all of us. Many times in life we feel like were suffering or were afflicted simply because we have lost something that we were so attatched to. Sometimes we are so attatched to cars, money, jobs and other things that when we lose them it causes us to feel like their is a catastrophe in our lives. Paul said, “Set your affection on things above, not on things on earth.” This is a great reminder for all of us. We can easily lose many things in this world and the fact is that some of us are just one lost job away from losing everything we have. Simply put material things should not be the center of my life. My affections my attachment should be to something that no storm, no catastrophe, that nothing of this world can take away from me and that is Jesus Christ. The bible says, “He will never leave you nor forsake you” what a great promise, material things may come and go but God will always be faithful to me. I think it is better to trust in the Lord and thank Him for everything He has given and provided whether it is a job, food, rent, car or health it is God that has provided. Don’t get so attatched to things that can be washed away in an instant – get attached to something that can never be moved JESUS CHRIST. God Bless.


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