How do you Measure?

Often times as we grow in the Lord and we overcome things we used to struggle with wheter they be charachter issues, biblical standards or anything else. We must be careful not to turn into judgemental people. It is so easy to judge someone else on our standard of godly living and forget where God has brought us from and how patient God has been in our growth with Him. We must always remember that not everybody is at the same place in their walk with God. What I have already been through; somebody else may be there now and I cannot measure them against my holiness or my standards. Paul says it this way, “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. ” It is not wise to measure others against ourselves and it is not wise to measure ourselves against others. Then how do we measure ourselves, how do we measure our standards our holiness? Their is only one answer and that is to measure my holiness against His holiness, my standards against His standards, my righteousness in the light of His righteousness. See when I view myself in the light of who He is (God) then I realize I fall very short of His glory and even may feel like the prophet when he said, “..woe is me for I am undone…”. Personal holiness and standards take care of themselves when I view myself with a sincere heart in the light of His word. We should never look at someone and compare them to the level that we are living on, but we can only measure and compare in the light of God’s word. When it seems like someone is falling short in their view and conviction of God’s holiness and standards pray for them that God would give them a sincere heart to look at themselves in His light of holiness and righteousness. It is a amazing how much more a sincere child of God will change when they come to Him with a sincere heart and measure themselves in His light. God can do much more than we can. God Bless.


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