Jacob’s Walk

First night of camp was awesome. God moved in a mighty way – the outpouring on the altar was indescribable. Their was definetely a divine anointing for those who were hungry. Minister Anthony Romo preached on the difference between an experience and an encounter with God. He used a powerful anlagoy when he described the wrestling that Jacob did with the angel. He said, “that when you have an encounter with God it should change your walk.” When Jacob wrestled the angel the bible says that his hip was damaged by the angel and that it caused Jacob to walk with a limp. The illustration is that after he went home his family and his friends noticed that he was limping, He wasnt walking the same he was different. An encounter with God should bring a noticable change in your life. I am expecting that after this youth camp some young people will go home with a limp (not literally) but spiritually, they will be different. I am praying that I will be different.


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