Two Day’s

There are only two days left until our District Youth Camp starts. My spirit wants to explode within me becuase I know God is going to do something great. I wonder how Jesus felt after He had been crucified and was in hell preaching to death and the lost spirits. I wonder how He felt because He understood that in two days He would resurrect in the power of God. He knew that in a couple of days His Spirit would be poured out into the heart of man in the form of the Holy Ghost and that would forever change the destiny of mankind. What an excitement he must have felt in His Spirit to know what was about to happen. I feel like in two days someone’s destiny will be changed forever at this youth camp, I feel like in two days their is going to be an outpouring of His Spirit unlike I have ever witnessed. I am excited for what God is about to do. Jesus preached in hell for two days, I am sure that is not where He wanted to be; but He had to preach to death and hell to accomplish the will of God. It amazes me how their are so many avenues God could have chosen to take hell’s keys but He chose to preach. He preached to hell and death and they had to give up the key’s. If preaching could loose the stronghold of Satan and the grip of hell then I say preach, preach with all your heart. Preach to yourself, preach to your circumstance, preach against anything and everyone coming against you, preach to the lost and the sick and watch the stronghold’s come down. Jesus said, “…Go…preach the Gospel…”. It is amazing what will happen when you take God’s word and preach. Who knows what kind of awesome move of God you will be able to witness in two day’s. If the enemy is bothering you, if circumstances are bothering you, why dont you take a second to look them in the face and tell them wait to see what happens in two days. Everything may no look to good right now but in two day’s when God gets done doing what He is doing you will come out in victory. Pray for our youth camp that God would touch lives in a way like He never has before. God Bless.


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