Jesus Name

 A man was driving through an intersection one day with his four year old son when his car door flew open. The little boy flew out of the car and into the intersection right in front of a oncoming car. The last thing the father could see was his son right in front of the other car. The father did not know what to do so he cried out JESUS! He finally stopped his car and ran to his son, he was relieved to find out nothing had happened to his son. The man that was driving the car was hysterical, screaming and crying. The father told him to calm down everything was alright, his son was okay, don’t worry nobody got hurt. The man looked at him and said, “You don’t understand I never hit the brakes!” God still does miracles if you need His help call on the name of Jesus. I read this story on the Internet today there was no author but I thought it would be a blessing. God Bless.


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