Small Church Big Move of God

The youth service in Hesperia was awesome this weekend. It took me back when I was younger I remember going to services where the church was to small to fit everybody. That’s how it was this weekend they had to place chairs down the aisles, in the overflow and some outside. What was amazing about this was nobody cared because Gods glory was being manifested and people were hungry for that presence. To say the least it was mighty outpouring, truly a pentecostal experience. The worship lasted for about 2 hours and nobody was tired, the sermon another hour and the altar call at-least on more hour. It is amazing how time will stand still when your in the presence of God it seemed like we were there only an hour. The altar was crowded nobody fit but God is not limited to the altar, the ministers changed the entire sanctuary into one big altar and God began to move in mighty way. The people who were outside were not left out either God began to minister to them right outside as well, “What a Mighty God we Serve”. I personally witnessed deliverance, restoration and the outpouring of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of other tongues. God is not limited, God is not limited to Sunday in our sanctuaries, He is not limited to the size of our buildings or the amount of people in our pews. The only thing that can limit God is unbelief – not believing God will do what He said He would do. I praise God that He allowed me to be part of such a great move of God. What a privilege and honor we have to be able to be eyewitnesses of His majesty and glory. God Bless.


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