Apostolic Evangelism

This is my third year as a conference speaker at the Interior District youth camp, what a privledge and honor God has given me to be able to impact so many young lives in a positive way. This year’s theme is “Go ye Therefore…and make disciples” the basis of the theme is really evangelism, expanding God’s Kingdom. So with this in mind I thought I would share some tidbits from the conferences I am preparing for this youth camp. My first thought was to really try and observe what Jesus Christ was commanding his disciples to do in Matthew 28:19-20. In the light of the scripture the churches idea of evangelism is very different than what Christ commanded his disciples to do. When most people think about evangelism today they think about numbers of people and sizes of churches. The goal of many Pastors is soley to fill up the pews in there churches. We must be careful not to equate numbers to success. Jesus commanded “…go make disciples” there is big difference between a disciple and believer. If you look up the word disciple you will find that it means “someone who embraces, practices and shares the teachings of another”. A disciple is someone who completely embraces the spiritual truth’s of God’s word, completely practices the truth’s he or she holds dear and is encouraged in the Spirit to share those truth’s with others. Therefore evangelism in its simplest form is leading people to embrace,  practice and share the teachings of Christ. Filling up our sanctuaries with people who believe in God but who do not completly practice his word is not succesful evangelism. Winning souls who embrace and practice the whole counsel of God this is succesful evangelism. Making disciples this is Apostolic Evangelism.


3 thoughts on “Apostolic Evangelism

  1. I fully agree that we must win souls unto the whole council of God. They must truely repent of thier sin before the Holy Ghost can have a real and lasting effect in there lives. God Bless You in Jesus Name.
    Rev. Billy Vaughn- Apostolic Evangelist.

  2. Amen ! Im glad to see that other people in Christ are truly concerned about real discipleship! Keep it up and God will reward you bountifully! Dont forget to pray for our NATION TO REPENT:)

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