Washed Away

I was watching a documentary yesterday on Katrina. In the documentary they interview a couple that returns to visit their destroyed home for the first time. The couple said the only things they had time to take with them when they first left were all the pictures, they took nothing else. When they returned they began to look around to see what was left if anything … Continue reading Washed Away

How do you Measure?

Often times as we grow in the Lord and we overcome things we used to struggle with wheter they be charachter issues, biblical standards or anything else. We must be careful not to turn into judgemental people. It is so easy to judge someone else on our standard of godly living and forget where God has brought us from and how patient God has been in … Continue reading How do you Measure?

Jacob’s Walk

First night of camp was awesome. God moved in a mighty way – the outpouring on the altar was indescribable. Their was definetely a divine anointing for those who were hungry. Minister Anthony Romo preached on the difference between an experience and an encounter with God. He used a powerful anlagoy when he described the wrestling that Jacob did with the angel. He said, “that … Continue reading Jacob’s Walk

Spiritual Edification

I was spending some time this evening with my family talking about the Lord. More specifically my Mom, Sister, Brother in Law and Dad. This is probably my favorite thing to do, to just sit around and talk to my family about the Lord. There are many ways as Christians we can edify our spiritual lives, we can and should pray, fast, read the bible, … Continue reading Spiritual Edification

In the Belly

We had a guest preacher at our church this weekend he is the elder of our sector Pastor Francisco Quezada. His message was really insightful and inspiring. The idea of his sermon was that God uses different circumstances to teach us to worship him and that no matter how bad the circumstances may seem that God is still in control of the circumstances. I thought … Continue reading In the Belly

Don’t Neglect the Bridge

The recent collapse of the bridge in Minnesota has stirred up some thoughts in my spirit because it was a tragedy that could have been avoided. Current news reports site the main reason for the bridge collapse is negligence. Two years before this tragedy inspectors had warned the state that the bridge was in need of repairs and could no longer adequately hold up to … Continue reading Don’t Neglect the Bridge

Small Church Big Move of God

The youth service in Hesperia was awesome this weekend. It took me back when I was younger I remember going to services where the church was to small to fit everybody. That’s how it was this weekend they had to place chairs down the aisles, in the overflow and some outside. What was amazing about this was nobody cared because Gods glory was being manifested … Continue reading Small Church Big Move of God