Washed Away

I was watching a documentary yesterday on Katrina. In the documentary they interview a couple that returns to visit their destroyed home for the first time. The couple said the only things they had time to take with them when they first left were all the pictures, they took nothing else. When they returned they began […]

How do you Measure?

Often times as we grow in the Lord and we overcome things we used to struggle with wheter they be charachter issues, biblical standards or anything else. We must be careful not to turn into judgemental people. It is so easy to judge someone else on our standard of godly living and forget where God […]

Jacob’s Walk

First night of camp was awesome. God moved in a mighty way – the outpouring on the altar was indescribable. Their was definetely a divine anointing for those who were hungry. Minister Anthony Romo preached on the difference between an experience and an encounter with God. He used a powerful anlagoy when he described the […]

Spiritual Edification

I was spending some time this evening with my family talking about the Lord. More specifically my Mom, Sister, Brother in Law and Dad. This is probably my favorite thing to do, to just sit around and talk to my family about the Lord. There are many ways as Christians we can edify our spiritual […]

Two Day’s

There are only two days left until our District Youth Camp starts. My spirit wants to explode within me becuase I know God is going to do something great. I wonder how Jesus felt after He had been crucified and was in hell preaching to death and the lost spirits. I wonder how He felt […]

Progressive Sanctification

 While I was in prayer today God reminded me of how faithful He has been to me. Despite many ups and downs in my walk with God He has never failed me, let me go or given up on me and I just praised and worshipped Him for that. It made me think of how […]

Jesus Name

 A man was driving through an intersection one day with his four year old son when his car door flew open. The little boy flew out of the car and into the intersection right in front of a oncoming car. The last thing the father could see was his son right in front of the […]